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Mousetrap production. Area Community Theater of Sharpsville. November 2010.

These three story Italianate building was built by “General” James Pierce in 1871. The importance of him and his family to the history of Sharpsville is paramount. He stands, furthermore, as a prominent figure in the industrial development of the Shenango Valley as well as in the history of American iron industry.

We have but limited information about the performances once given here. Operas, operettas, as well as programs of spoken word, musical or vocal selections were performed; early motion pictures were shown after their introduction. From the 1890s to about 1920, high school graduation ceremonies were held here.

And in the first decade of the 20th century, the occasional high school basketball game was played here as well.

More recently, this floor has been used for ceremonies of the Mason and Eastern Star.

In the past decade the Wilson’s Family, have undertaken a painstaking restoration of this space. We are proud to have it once again be used for its intended purpose. 

Pierce Opera House
100 N. Mercer Ave.
Sharpsville, Pa 16150

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